How to select the best keyword for blogging in 2022

Before starting your blog site you must choose a Niche, which is the main topic you are going to blog about. And before posting every article, you must keep in mind that every article must relevant to your blog niche. Before starting every article you must do some research about keyword selection. Keyword research can help you to find the best keywords to articles that drive more visitors to your blog. This research is mainly done by using Keyword research tools.

How to keyword selection in blogging

The main commonly used Keyword tools are,

  1. Word Tracker
  2. Long Tail pro
  3. Google Ad-words Tool

Using Word Tracker:

Word tracker is the most commonly used keyword research tool by most webmasters online. You can research a keyword of your choice to know the actual competency and monthly search traffic. You can go to to use this service by signup for paid service, or you can use its free trial service. Without signup also you can search two keywords with very limited keyword suggestions.

Here, We searched for “Create a blog” and “How to blog” as Shown in the following Image.


When we searched for “create a blog”, The above keyword suggestions are shown along with their ‘searches’, ‘competition, ‘IAAT’ and ‘KEI’.

  1. Searches:

The number of searches for each keyword in a 30 days period by real people(Not Robots). Higher volume is best to select.

  1. Competition:

Search traffic volume is great, but you need to understand the competition also. The above image represents competition for each keyword on the internet. For example, the keyword “Create a blog” is having great search volume but competition is very high when compared to other keywords. The lower competition keyword is best.

  1. IAAT: In Anchor And Tittle

IAAT is the number of competing pages with keywords in the title tag for the page and also in the Anchor text used in a back-link from another website. It indicates good competition for a keyword. A lower number is better.

  1. KEI: Keyword Effectiveness Index

As shown in the above image Keyword Effectiveness Index(KEI) is a relationship between search volume and competition. We must select a High KEI number keyword, Which is profitable keyword.

As shown in the above image, we must choose the best keyword by checking the KEI column. The higher the better. What you are looking for is a balance between a high ‘KEI’ and a high ‘Searches’ result. In the above image, the keyword “How to create a blog site” has a search traffic of 1599, and Competition 4. So the KEI value is higher than other keywords. So the best keyword is “How to create a blog site“.

For the actual competition, go to Google and use the keyword in the search box in this form: “How to create a blog” using the quotes. This provides the number of competing web pages using this exact keyword. Here’s what we get:

Keyword research above image represents competition of a keyword is 764,000, which is less to compete against websites. So “How to create a blog site” is the best keyword, this also includes the “Create a blog” keyword also.

Hope this article helped to know how to use keyword research tools, If so please share this knowledge with your friends and bloggers.

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