How to use long tail pro Keyword tool 2022: A complete guidance to find potential keywords

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is very important and very costly because a proper SEO’d web page can get 1000’s of visitors freely via search engines. That means you get visitors freely without any advertising and marketing your website.

So SEO plays the main role to get success in the internet world. As we explained earlier Keyword planning is one of the main tasks in search engine optimization. Select a best, Competitive-less, more search volume keyword before posting any article or page. To choose the best keyword we explained earlier about Word tracker Keyword Tool.

Step 1: Create a campaign
If you are new to long tail pro, Create a campaign with a name suitable for your niche, You can create more campaigns. Select your country and language, Most people prefer the English language, and if you want to target one country’s people you can select a country because it is optional.

Long-tail pro campaign creation

Step 2: Add your keyword
As shown in the below image(Normal version), add the keyword of your choice.

Keyword generator

The above image represents the following options,

Global Search Volume: This check box is about search volume is global or Local. If you check this box, you can get global searches.
Domain Availability: Checking this will let you know which domain extension is available (.com/.net/.org..etc).
Google Tittle Competition: Checking this will let you know how much competition is there with your chosen title in the Google search engine.
Bing Tittle competition: checking this will let you know how your title competes with another website tittles in Bing search engine.
Average local searches: This option lets you know the low volume search keywords which is then 500 monthly local searches.
Average CPC: This option is to know the CPC rate, how much advertisers are willing to pay to advertise on the keyword in Google. If the average CPC rate is more than 50 cents will be the best.
Number of Words: This option helps you filter out strong competition keywords you don’t want. 3-4 would be a good filter for long-tail keywords.
Step 3: Get your SEO MOZ API key:
Get your API key here:

You need to get an SEO MOZ API key before you start you use the long tail pro competitor analysis section. The following window will be shown when first trying to access competitor analysis.


After submitting all required information you will get an output window as shown in the below image.


As shown in above picture it has given us potential keywords giving information about average CPC, local searches, global searches, advertiser competition, average keyword competition (you will get this feature in platinum version).

Step 5: Sorting According to Local and Global Searches:
Now we are going to sort searches according to local and global, In the above image, it was sorted as local searches. Now we need to find keywords which are having local searches between 2000-10,000 and global searches between 4000-20,000.

The one more column “Advertise Competition” is to know the actual competition between advertisers for that respective keyword. That is useful for only advertisers who is interested to advertise in Google Adwords.

To see how much keyword competition we have to face for each keyword, we need to click on calculate button.

Note: In the below image, we targeted keywords that average competition less than 40.

Long-tail Potential Keywords

As shown in the above image, we found some potential keywords which help to create a page or article or a blog post.

Step 6: Analyzing your competition:
Understanding the competitor analysis is very important step. Here we are going to analyze our top 10 competitors and going to see their SEO.

For Good On-page SEO:

Tittle of the page: Your page tittle must have your keyword.
URL: url must contain your keyword
Description: Your first paragraph must contain your keyword(within 60 characters).
Here we are going to check our top 10 competitor’s SEO.

here we selected the “how to prevent acne” keyword which is having 2900 local searches and 5400 global searches. This keyword has an average keyword competition of 39.

Here we are checking competitors’ domain authority, page authority, Google page rank, and Domain’s age. Our first observation was to check the exact tittle competition.

Final competition check

Here in the above image only two competitors which are having our exact keyword match and they both have domain ages of 9.1 and 16.9 years respectively.

Page authority of 3rd position holder is 48 which sitting on 7th position have page authority 52. So here I will conclude that it is moderately easy to rank keywords and with little effort and good back-linking we can rank for this keyword.

Hope this article ”How to use long tail pro Keyword tool: A complete guide to finding potential keywords” helped you find great keywords to dominate search engines. Share this Knowledge with your friends and others also.

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